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The Ademola A. Fasina-Thomas, Jr. Foundation's main goal is to assist economically disadvantaged, high achieving young scholars to obtain higher education.


AUGUST 27, 1967 - MAY 11, 2014

Ademola was an outstanding man of great character.  There was not a person whom he met who was not in some way inspired by him.  Even those whom he never met, but connected with through Face Book or emails, were touched by his wonderful spirit. He had a warm smile and a kind word for everyone he came in contact with.

Ademola lived a life of excellence and integrity.  He loved children and and he loved education.  At the age of 41, Ademola made the decision to return to school, and earn his Bachelor of Business Administration.  He enrolled in Mercer University in the latter part of 2009. Although he worked 50+ hours per week, he attended Mercer University as a full time student.  Many times he would stay up past 3:00 AM, working on his assignments.  

While at Mercer, Ademola traveled to Malawi, Africa, with his Science class to help put in place sustainability solutions for an orphanage. He often said this was one of the most fulfilling experiences of his life.  You see, Ademola always reached out to give a helping hand. During his time in college, he never fell short in his roles as a wonderful, loving and giving father and husband.  He attended every important school event, GACs State Competitions and most sporting events that his daughter was in, and even coached her soccer team in her last season of play.  He encouraged and uplifted his wife in every way as she pursued her business goals. Ademola was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success on May 9, 2013 and graduated Mercer University May 11, 2013, three and one half years after he began.  

There were 3 final services for Ademola.  One in his native Nigeria, one in London, England, where he lived for a number of years, and one in Georgia, USA.  Letters, cards, phone calls and emails arrived from as far away as Dubai and Singapore, from India and Africa, from Europe and, of course, from all over the United States. The messages were largely the same… they spoke of his smile, his integrity, his goodness, his giving nature, how he never met a stranger, what a great leader he was and how he loved his family. Ademola left a legacy that will last through the ages.  All those he left behind have benefited from him.  Let’s give our younger generations the opportunity to make a similar mark.

Rita M. Fasina-Thomas

The Ademola A. Fasina-Thomas Foundation